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Gopher Honors


Thomas Peebles, 1883
Frederick Jones, 1886-1889
Tom Eck, 1890
Dad Moulton, 1891
Wallie Winter, 1893
Tom Cochrane, Jr., 1894
Pudge Heffelfinger, 1895
Alex Jerrems, 1896-1897
Jack Minds, 1898
John Harrison &
Wiiliam Leary, 1899

1800's Gopher Links

Gopher Scores, 1882-1900:

Minnesota Golden Gopher Football- the 1800's

Minnesota Football began on September 29, 1882, at the
Fairgrounds. Hamline would be the school's first opponent,
as well as its first victim, and the incredible saga
that would be known as Minnesota Golden Gopher Football
was underway.

Through much of the late 1800's, the sport was trying 
to truly define itself, with both soccer and rugby influences
competing against each other. The Gophers would win much
more often than they would lose, taking on out-of-state
rivals like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and mixing-in
some local teams like Carleton, Hamline, and Macalester for
good measure.

The most significant thing to come out of the 1800's was
the advent of the Western Conference, which would later 
become famous as the "Big Ten". Minnesota was at the forefront
of this development, and the league would become the model
upon which many, many other leagues would be formed.

The Gophers would also go through a long series of coaches,
trying to find their way to football prominance. They would
finally find their man, just in time for the 1900 season.
A Yale grad, this man would not only forever change the face of
Minnesota Football, but would also have a lasting impression
upon the sport itself. His name was Dr. Henry L. Williams.